Bradleys Private Reserve


1981 – Ms Lydia Bradley purchased the land on 23rd September 1981 two days after Belize got its Independence from the United Kingdom. San Ignacio Town Board was exracting sand from an ajacent property and Ms Lydia replicated the minning on her 20 acres for 38 years.

1991 – Michael Prestons memory when he was 8 years old; majoity of the 20 acres was the 1995 same level as Midas and Hodes i remember as a child hopping in between the barbwire fence to play with Ms Lydias grandchildren Joesph (Che), Janice, and Kevin as we were in the same age range playing hide n' seek, ketch (tag), marbels, fetching chicken eggs, hunting Iguanas, climbing trees to get our daily dose of plum, cocoyol (Supa), mango, Cashews and any kids dream playing in the river without supervision. ohhh the good times.

2019 – Ms Marie Baptist daughter of Ms Bradley inherited the land off her late brother Lincoln Bradley and after meeting with Mr Michael Preston she made a decision to sell to him as in his negociations he proposed to honour the family's name hence the name of the Bradley's Private Reserve.

what about the remaining 10 acres?

1987 – The late Daniel Silva Sr purchased 5 acres where the accommodating rooms are situated on also known as Midas was a pasture land for Don Dan for him to host a few of his live stock before it would be sold off for butchering, breeding, or sale of animal(s). He later sold land to his daughter and son-in-law so they could build their family home in Belize. the land was then used as a mechanic workshop for land rovers and then they added the 6 cottages.

2019 – The land that Don Dan had purchase was originally was originally a 10 acre plot but Don Dan had asked if he could only purchase half which the owner had agreed to do and the other half was purchased by Ravern Pot. Ravern Pot recently listed his land forsale and accepted Mr Michael's offer which has completed the 30 acre reserve.