Midas Belize is managed and owned by Mrs Maria and her son, Michael Preston. Midas was established in 1991 at its current Branch Mouth Road location and was comprised of six (6) Cottages.

In 1998, Mrs Maria contracted the Mennonites of Spanish Lookout to add ten (10) basic wooden Cabañas to the premises.

In 2008, Michael returned from the United Kingdom and became a part of the management team. The mother and son duo set out to improve the overall experience of guests during their stay at Midas by adding 4 King Deluxe rooms, 16 Deluxe Rooms, upgraded Cabana's and Cottages, added a swimming pool, added 25 acres of wildlife and farm life to its existing 5 acres.

Since 2008, Michael and Mrs Maria has continuously added new features to the property and new services to meet the expectations of their guests. The Owners of Midas are always improving the facilities and amenities, that is why projects are always being planned and carried out to completion so every year one can expect to enjoy something new at Midas. Little by little changes are being made to the old family home so that when you are here, you too feel like family.

Midas Belize has been transforming itself into a Belizean Brand over the years as the owners are proud to claim a 30 acre Private Reserve with River access in San Ignacio Town. Since the property was established decades ago there is a combination of Old and New structures.

The name “MiDaS” was derived from Michael the son, and Daniel Silva the father of Ms Maria. Its resort appeal comes from it being an oasis from San Ignacio’s Town center that was considered “backabush” in the early 90’s as it was without electricity and running water on the property. It is truly a touch of rainforest in the twin towns of San Ignacio. Midas’ natural surroundings features large trees, tropical birds such as the Toucans, Wild Cats, Night Crawlers, Iguanas, Gibnuts and the Macal River. No other location comes close to offering all the amenities as Midas and yet adjacent to town center, with the sprawling of San Ignacio, Midas will one day be a thirty (30) acre retreat in the middle of a vibrant city.

At Midas you are getting a genuine friendly experience and our number one goal is making sure that your holiday in San Ignacio is one to remember; a place to revisit and most importantly one to share with your friends and family.

Thank you for staying with us,